Machynlleth Comedy Festival – 2017


There’s a whole heap of lovely things about Machynlleth Comedy Festival, and I finally got to experience them first hand this year – silly things like “length of travel” and “having somewhere to sleep” holding me back in the past.

It’s a welcoming town set in a stunning landscape, the atmosphere gently buzzes with fun and activity, and the most exciting acts in the country go there to perform. Also – so as to give the comics space to play and test – reviewers are not allowed, so while I doubt this blog really counts, I shall stay true to the spirit of the festival. Instead, here are simply Some Things I Saw at Mach Fest:

  • A red kite circling above Ceammes
  • Matthew Crosby make friends with five members of the audience over the course of an hour, and the rest of the crowd wish they had the same chance
  • So many dogs
  • John-Luke Roberts and William Andrews forming more extraordinary work with their bare hands/brains
  • An art installation consisting of balloons that make beautiful music
  • Louise Reay talking about [REDACTED] at ComComPod
  • Someone stop Nick Helm to say he couldn’t place his name
  • Nick Helm tell him it’s Rhod Gilbert
  • Seriously, so many dogs
  • An audience eating out of Lucont/Dubus’s hand, as always
  • Legends like Alex, Lisa, Ed and Goose who I see all too rarely
  • Legends like Johnny and Andy IN PHYSICAL FORM
  • Legends that I get to share great comedy with in London on a cup-over-floweth degree of regularity

A note on comedy while we’re here, by the way. The level of creativity, thought, care and heart in the work of the comics above and their peers genuinely never stops amazing me, and regularly has the capacity to make me a bit emotional (DON’T TELL ANYONE). Go out, see it, love it, support it.