Week 12: 19 – 25th Mar. Travesties and Broadchurch.


Travesties at the Apollo

There are some actors who are just a mark of quality, and Tom Hollander is certainly one of them. I’ll watch anything he’s in, and frankly he needs to lead more shows.  He’s one of my absolute faves, so I was delighted to see him in Travesties this week – though I went into it the same way I go into all Tom Stoppard plays: convinced I’ll enjoy it, but unconvinced I’ll understand it.

This is, mainly, an out-and-out comedy, though a smart one of course – the mixed up rememberings of a British diplomat who was stationed in Zurich during the First World War. He’s surrounded by the great and the good, from revolutionary Dadaists to James Joyce, who debate the nature and function of art with Stoppard’s usual dextrous sparkle.

Hollander is unsurprisingly great – funny and self-important as the young diplomat, and tinged with tragedy as the older man recalling former glories, some of which may not have taken place to begin with.


Given I love crime drama, Olivia Colman is amazing in everything, and David Tennant is one of my favourite actors, it’s slightly ridiculous that I’ve never watched Broadchurch before. It’s just one that’s slipped through the net.

Knowing that series 3 is mainly a new case I got stuck into it yesterday, and of course immediately regretted not having Hardy and Miller in my life earlier. I’d spend hour upon hour in the company of those leads.

It’s a shame that we’re probably not going to see any more of comedy genius (genuinely, genius) Will Andrews in this series beyond his brief cameo, but seeing as Chris Chibnall is taking over a certain long-running sci-fi series  perhaps he’ll crop up elsewhere…